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Past performances:


Jan. 25:
with Keefe Jackson Quartet
at Velvet Lounge

Jan. 26:
with Keefe Jackson Quartet
at D's loft

Feb. 1:
Rempis / Zerang / Kessler / Bishop
at Elastic

Feb. 4:
with Jaimie Branch, Michael Zerang, Keefe Jackson
Hungry Brain: late start; bar not open until 11 PM due to Super Bowl

Feb. 6:
Keefe Jackson Quartet
Chicago Cultural Center, noon

Feb. 14:
Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls

Feb. 16:
with The Eternals
Empty Bottle

Feb. 19:
Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls

Feb. 22:
Dan Effland Quartet
Muse Cafe

Feb. 23:
Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls
Green Mill

Feb. 24:
Keefe Jackson's Project Project
Heaven Gallery

Feb. 26:
Dan Effland Quartet

Feb. 28:
The Engines

March 7:
Dan Effland Quartet
Velvet Lounge

March 8:
Ted Sirota, Jeb Bishop, Caroline Davis, Josh Abrams

March 17:
Globe Unity Orchestra
Burghausen, Germany

March 21:
Jeb Bishop, Kent Kessler, Michael Zerang, Jim Baker

March 22:
Nate McBride Trio with Jeb Bishop and James Falzone

March 24:
Paul Giallorenzo Quartet

March 29:
David Reminick, Jason Roebke, Jeb Bishop

April 4:
Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Orchestra
Paris, France

April 7:
Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Orchestra
Hasselt, Belgium

April 14:
Solo set at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago

April 15:
Wilbert De Joode, Nate McBride, Mike Reed, Jeb Bishop
Hungry Brain

April 19:
The Engines

May 3
Dave Rempis / Kent Kessler / Michael Zerang (absent due to flu) / Jeb Bishop

May 7
Jorrit Dijkstra project
Gallery 37

May 13
Dan Effland Quartet
Hungry Brain

May 20
with Dave Reminick (saxes), Peter Evans (trumpets), others TBA
Hungry Brain

May 21
Jeb Bishop project (with Mars Williams, Nate McBride, Josh Abrams, Quin Kirchner, Frank Rosaly)
Gallery 37

May 25
Mike Reed (dr), Josh Abrams (bs), Craig Taborn (p), Jeb Bishop
Velvet Lounge

May 27
Keefe Jackson Quartet
Hungry Brain

June 1-9
Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet
European tour: Cologne, Utrecht, Cottbus, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Wels, Schorndorf, Vienna

June 17:
The Engines at the
Hungry Brain

June 19:
Jeb Bishop, Frank Rosaly, Jason Roebke
Velvet Lounge

June 24:
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, bass, Nori Tanaka, drums, Greg Ward, alto, Jeb Bishop at the
Hungry Brain

June 27:
Jeb Bishop solo (pieces by Julian Priester and Jeb Bishop) at
Corbett vs. Dempsey

July 12:
with Toumani Diabate's Symmetric Orchestra
Millennium Park, Chicago

July 18:
Lucky 7s at the

July 20 and 21:
Lucky 7s at the
Velvet Lounge

July 22:
At the Hungry Brain:
Jeb Bishop Septet:
Jeb Bishop, trombone
Mars Williams, saxophones
Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone
Nate McBride, bass
Josh Abrams, bass
Quin Kirchner, drums
Frank Rosaly, drums
performing Extended Intentions / Intended Extensions

July 23:
Dan Effland 4tet, Bad Dog Tavern

July 24:
Dan Effland 4tet, Velvet Lounge

July 28:
The Engines, D's loft

August 4:
Dan Effland 4tet, Milwaukee Jazz Festival

August 6:
with Bright Black Morning Light, boat gig in NYC

August 8:
Josh Berman and His Gang, Hideout

August 9:
Ken Vandermark large ensemble, Velvet Lounge

August 12:
Jeb Bishop Septet, Hungry Brain

August 13:
Duo with Karl Seigfried, Myopic Books

August 15:
Falzone/Bishop/McBride Trio, Velvet Lounge

August 19:
with Joel Paterson, Chicago Park District gig

August 21:
with Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls, Boocoo

August 26:
with Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls, Rogers Park outdoor fest

August 28:
with Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls, Boocoo

September 2:
Exploding Star Orchestra with Bill Dixon, Chicago Jazz Festival

September 12:
Solo set at Hideout

September 14:
Engines at Velvet Lounge

September 12:
Solo set at Hideout

September 16:
with Jimmy Bennington at Morseland

September 20:
Globe Unity Orchestra, Columbia/Harlem Festival of Global Jazz, NYC

October 2:
Josh Berman and His Gang, Chicago Cultural Center

October 9:
with Joshua Manchester and Jason Roebke, Hotti Biscotti

October 12:
with Spoon at Riviera

October 20:
My wedding to Jaki Cellini!

October 31:
with Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls, Boocoo [cancelled?]

November 3:
with Rudi Mahall, Uli Jennesen, Nate McBride at Hideout (Umbrella Fest)

November 17:
with Dave Reminick and Jeff Kimmel, Heaven Gallery

November 18:
with Nicole Mitchell Ensemble, Gallery 37

November 29:
with Ken Vandermark, Per-Ake Holmlander, Paal Nilssen-Love at Elastic

December 1:
Peter Brötzmann Tentet at Museum of Contemporary Art

December 2:
Brötzmann/Bishop/Zerang/Daisy/Kessler/Haker-Flaten at Hungry Brain

December 4-16:
The Engines North American tour

December 19:
The Engines, Hideout

December 28:
with Weasel Walter, Jaimie Branch, Jeff Kimmel, at Heaven


January 6:
with Keefe Jackson 4tet, Hungry Brain

January 8-16:
Flatlands Ensemble tour of NL, DE, BE

January 17:
Rempis/Bishop/Kessler/Zerang, Elastic

January 19:
with The Thing, Velvet Lounge

February 4:
Dan Effland 4tet, Skylark

February 12:
with Mars Williams, Jim Baker, Steve Hunt, Bryan Sandstrom, Hotti Biscotti

February 14:
Josh Berman and His Gang, Elastic

February 16:
with Paul Giallorenzo, Quin Kirchner, Jason Roebke at Charleston

February 17:
Flatlands Ensemble at Hungry Brain

February 24:
Keefe Jackson Project Project release gig at Hungry Brain

March 4:
with Stuart Bogie at Empty Bottle

April 4 and 5:
Exploding Star Orchestra at Green Mill

April 18, early:
Lucky 7s, Kilbourn Park & Organic Greenhouse, 3501 N. Kilbourn Avenue, Chicago. 7:30 - 9:30 PM.

April 18, late:
The Engines at the Velvet Lounge.

April 19:
The Engines at Heaven Gallery.

April 23, Velvet Lounge
Josh Berman group

April 24, Elastic
Engines, one set

April 26, Hideout
Vandermark Index Orkest

April 26-27
Recording with Keefe Jackson 4tet at Delmark

April 30, Hideout

May 2
Greg Ward ensemble; "Looptopia" gig

May 4, Hungry Brain
with Keefe Jackson / Marc Riordan

May 8, Martyr's
Al Rose CD release

May 13, Hotti Biscotti
with Marc Unternaehrer and Fred Lonberg-Holm

May 14, Hideout
with Mike Reed group

May 21, Hideout

May 23, Velvet
with Mike Reed, Dave Miller, Jason Roebke, Greg Ward?

May 29, SUA space
with Dave Miller et al.

June 2, Skylark
Jeb Bishop Trio

June 14
with Bill Tucker

June 20, Vancouver Jazz Fest
Atomic / School Days Octet

June 21, Vancouver Jazz Fest
VCMI workshop

June 23, Vancouver Jazz Fest
with Torsten Mueller and Dylan Vanderschyff, at Western Front

June 29, Hungry Brain
with Darren Johnston

July 6, Vigo, Spain
Atomic / School Days Octet

July 16, Hideout
Jeb Bishop Trio

July 19
with Bill Tucker

July 21, Skylark
with Jason Stein, Frank Rosaly, ?

July 29, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Quartet with Mike Reed, Greg Ward, Josh Abrams

July 30, Hideout
Zerang/Kessler/Rempis/Bishop // with Williams/Baker/Hunt/Sandstrom

August 7, Millennium Park
Amir ElSaffar Two Rivers Ensemble

August 9, Lisbon (Jazz em Agosto Festival)
Peter Broetzmann Chicago Tentet

August 16, Milwaukee

August 17, Hungry Brain
Josh Berman and His Gang

August 22-23, Velvet Lounge
Mike Reed's People Places and Things (Octet 2nd night)

August 24, Hungry Brain
Mike Reed's People Places and Things Octet

August 25, Millennium Park
Mike Reed's People Places and Things Octet

August 27, Hideout
with Michael Moore

September 14, Hungry Brain
with Weasel Walter

October 4, Heaven
with Craig Taborn, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Tim Daisy

October 9, Elastic
with Jeff Albert, Jaimie Branch, Josh Berman

October 10, Velvet Lounge
with Jeff Albert 4tet

October 17, Edgefest, Ann Arbor MI
Flatlands Ensemble

October 18, Heaven
Flatlands Ensemble

October 23, Vienna
Tiebreaker trio (with Harris Eisenstadt and Jason Roebke)

October 25, Geneva
Tiebreaker trio (with Harris Eisenstadt and Jason Roebke)

October 27, Krakow
Tiebreaker trio (with Harris Eisenstadt and Jason Roebke)

October 28, Poznan (PL)
Tiebreaker trio (with Harris Eisenstadt and Jason Roebke)

October 30, Velvet Lounge
Keefe Jackson 4tet

November 5, Chicago Cultural Center (Umbrella Festival)
with Christian Weber, Caroline Davis, Tim Daisy

November 6, Elastic (Umbrella Festival)
with Bik Bent Braam (Chicago version)

Engines tour:
Nov. 13th: Zagreb, Croatia: Teatar ITD, 9:15 PM 14th: Graz, Austria: Stockwerk, 8:30 PM 15th: Vienna: Blue Tomato, 8:30 PM 16th: Szekesfehervar, Hungary: Petofi Mozi 18th: Krakow, Poland: Klub RE, 8 PM 19th: Warsaw, Poland: Time Cafe **CANCELLED** 20th: Wroclaw, Poland: Osrodek Postaw Tworczych, 8 PM

November 24, Chicago Cultural Center (Latin Music Festival)
with Guillermo Gregorio / Elbio Barilari ensemble

With Jorrit Dijkstra's Flatlands Collective:
December 3, 2008: Casa del Popolo, Montreal December 4: Lily Pad, Cambridge MA December 5: Longy School of Music, Cambridge MA, masterclass December 5: Firehouse 12, New Haven CT December 6: Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY December 7: Philadelphia, International House

December 13, Heaven

December 14, Hungry Brain
Duo with Katinka Kleijn

December 29, Skylark
Quin Kirchner Mingus project


January 14, Hideout
Hamid Drake / Jeff Parker / Josh Abrams / Jeb Bishop

January 16, Elastic
Guillermo Gregorio Madi Ensemble

January 20, Morse Theater
Obama Inauguration concert with Elbio Barilari / Kahil El'Zabar ensemble

January 24, AV-Aerie
Toby Summerfield large ensemble

January 28, Hideout
Trio with Paal Nilssen-Love and Johan Berthling

February 1, Hungry Brain
4tet with Greg Ward, Mike Reed, Josh Abrams

February 13, Bimhuis
Peter Broetzmann Chicago Tentet

February 14, Schorndorf (DE)
Peter Broetzmann Chicago Tentet

February 15, Wuppertal (DE)
Peter Broetzmann Chicago Tentet

February 17, Aarhus (DK)
Peter Broetzmann Chicago Tentet

February 18, Stavanger (NO)
Peter Broetzmann Chicago Tentet

February 19, Oslo
Peter Broetzmann Chicago Tentet and small groups

February 20, Oslo
Peter Broetzmann Chicago Tentet and small groups

February 21, Oslo
Peter Broetzmann Chicago Tentet

February 26, Elastic
with Dan Thatcher and Mark van Ziegler, basses

March 7, Green Mill
Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls CD release

March 9, Skylark
Jeb Bishop Trio

March 11, Hideout
Jeb Bishop Trio

With Jorrit Dijkstra's Flatlands Collective:
March 16, 2009: Jazzpodium Drienerlo, Enschede, Netherlands
March 17: Bishop/Rosaly/Roebke/Bergin/Boeren, Zaal 100, Amsterdam
March 18: Paradox, Tilburg, Netherlands
March 19: Bimhuis, Amsterdam
March 20: Bishop/Rosaly/Dikeman/van Hoogland/van der Weide, Wilhelmina Winkel, Amsterdam
March 21: Jazz Im Speicher, Leer, Germany
March 22: Grand Theatre, Groningen, Netherlands

March 29, Hungry Brain
with pianist Michael Wilhelmi

April 1, Hideout:
First set duo with Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, bass
Second set 4tet with Flaten, Frank Rosaly (drums), Jacob Wick (trumpet)

April 3, Charleston:
with Paul Giallorenzo (piano), Ingebrigt Haker Flaten (bass), Tim Daisy (drums)

April 7, 14, 21, 28, May 5, Elastic:
The Engines

April 9: Taylor Ho Bynum Big Band, Elastic

April 12: Taylor Ho Bynum / Tomas Fujiwara Sextet, Hungry Brain

April 17: Jeb Bishop Trio at Sugar Maple, Milwaukee

October 11: at Hungry Brain, with Mike Reed (dr), Jason Roebke (bs), Fred Lonberg-Holm (vcl), John Dikeman (ts)

November 8: part of the 2009 Umbrella Festival: with the Topology Project, a nine-piece band organized by Ken Vandermark to perform his arrangements of material by Joe McPhee, with special guest Joe McPhee.

November 10: at the Charleston, Chicago: with a big band led by Jason Stein.

November 18: at the Velvet Lounge with violinist Renee' Baker.

November 21: at Heaven Gallery, with tenor saxophonist/clarinetist Tobias Delius. NOTE: Delius will not appear.

November 22: at Hungry Brain, with Tobias Delius, Frank Rosaly, Jason Stein, Josh Abrams. NOTE: Delius will not appear.

November 29: at Chicago Cultural Center, with Guillermo Gregorio's MADI Ensemble.

December 5: with Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Orchestra, featuring Bill Dixon, at International House, Philadelphia.

December 6: with Paul Giallorenzo, at Hungry Brain.


January 8 and 9: with Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Orchestra at the Green Mill.

January 10: with Jacob Wick, Frank Rosaly, and John Paul Glover at the Hungry Brain.

January 29 - February 7, 2010: European dates TBA with Hamid Drake's Bindu (Hamid Drake, Jeff Parker, Josh Abrams, Napoleon Maddox, Jeff Albert, Jeb Bishop)

July 11, Hungry Brain: with Darren Johnston.

July 14, Hideout: Hamid Drake / Jeff Parker / Joshua Abrams / Jeb Bishop.

July 21, Hideout: with Darren Johnston.

As part of Okkadisk's Okkafest 2010, at the Sugar Maple in Milwaukee:
July 24: The Engines
July 25: Ken Vandermark's Topology, featuring the music of Joe McPhee, with special guest Joe McPhee.

July 28, Hideout: The Engines.

August 12: with Toumani Diabate and the Chicago Transilience Ensemble at Millennium Park.

August 15, Hungry Brain: with Paul Giallorenzo's GitGo.

August 19: Jeb Bishop Trio celebrates the release of the new CD, 2009, at the Velvet Lounge.

August 22 (TBC), Hungry Brain: with the Keefe Jackson Quartet.

August 28: with Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Orchestra, at the Saalfelden (Austria) Jazz Festival.

August 29: Lucerne-Chicago Connection at the Willisau (Switzerland) Jazz Festival.

August 30: with Hamid Drake and Bindu at the Sant'Anna Arresi (Sardinia) Jazz Festival.

September 9-14: Jeb Bishop Trio US Tour Dates:
Sep 9: Cincinnati, OH: Art Damage Lodge
Sep 10: Richmond, VA: The Camel
Sep 11: Raleigh, NC: Hopscotch Festival
Sep 12: Columbia, SC: 701 Center for Contemporary Art
Sep 13: Asheville, NC: Lexington Avenue Brewery
Sep 14: Lexington, KY: BAR Lexington

October/November 2010: European dates with Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet and with Hamid Drake and Bindu;


Elastic, March 17: Small group improvisations with Chicagoans and Nate Wooley, trumpet, Paul Lytton, drums.

March 20, DuSable Museum, Chicago: Tribute concert for Fred Anderson, organized by Douglas Ewart.

Hideout, March 23: The Engines (one set), as part of the Chi-Town Jazz Festival.

Elastic, March 24: Nick Mazzarella/Joshua Abrams/Tim Daisy/Jeb Bishop.

Hungry Brain, March 27: one set duo improvisation with Brian Labycz.

Elastic, March 31: Tim Daisy's Group 434: Jeb Bishop, trombone; Jason Stein, bass clarinet; Devin Hoff, bass; Tim Daisy, percussion.

Hideout, April 6: Solo sets by Jeb Bishop and Ken Vandermark, and a duo set.

Hungry Brain, May 15: The Engines with John Tchicai.
Elastic, May 19: Zerang/Kessler/Rempis/Bishop.
May 24-31: Dates in Portugal with Rodrigo Amado.
Elastic, June 2: Ken Vandermark's Topology project -- the music of Joe McPhee, featuring Joe McPhee.
Hungry Brain, June 5: Jeb Bishop / P N-L duo (first set).
Elastic, June 7: Brian Labycz, Jason Roebke, P N-L, Jeb Bishop.

May 24-31: Dates in Portugal with Rodrigo Amado.

Elastic, June 2: Ken Vandermark's Topology project -- the music of Joe McPhee, featuring Joe McPhee.

June 10-12: OkkaFest 2011!
June 15: The Engines at the Hideout, in Chicago.
July 1st: Heaven Gallery: Jorrit Dijkstra, Jeb Bishop, Pandelis Karayorgis, Jason Roebke, Frank Rosaly.
July 2nd: Sugar Maple, Milwaukee: Jorrit Dijkstra, Jeb Bishop, Pandelis Karayorgis, Jason Roebke, Tim Daisy
July 3rd: Hungry Brain: Jorrit Dijkstra, Jeb Bishop, Pandelis Karayorgis, Nate McBride, Tim Daisy.

Guest appearances with Cactus Truck:
11 April 2012
Amsterdam, Netherlands

12 April 2012
Nijmegen, Netherlands

13 April 2012
De Tor
Enschede, Netherlands

14 April 2012
Middelharnis, Netherlands

In Portugal, with Rodrigo Amado and Motion Trio:
April 18: Teatro Viriato, Viseu
April 19: Teatro Municipal da Guarda, Guarda
April 20: Salao Brazil, Coimbra
April 24: Be Jazz Cafe, Barreiro
April 26: Hot Clube, Lisboa

With NHAM Quartet (ten-year reunion tour!): Tony Bevan, John Edwards, Michael Zerang:
May 1, 2012:
The Lamp Tavern
Birmingham, United Kingdom

May 3, 2012:
Morden Tower
Newcastle, United Kingdom

May 4, 2012:
St. Margaret's Church
Whalley Road/Rufford Road, M16 9RH
Manchester, United Kingdom

May 7, 2012:
Cafe Oto
18-22 Ashwin Street
London, United Kingdom

May 8, 2012:
The Folly Inn
38 Abingdon Rd
Oxford, United Kingdom

Jeb Bishop/Tim Daisy Duo Dates :: May 17th - 23rd 2012

Celebrating the duo CD release, "Old Shoulders" (Relay Records)
18 May :: Lexington, KY | tba
19 May :: Columbia, SC | Conundrum
22 May :: Richmond, VA | The Camel
23 May :: Durham, NC | Motorco

August 19: Hungry Brain, Chicago: CD release party for At the Hideout, a live recording featuring Jaap Blonk, Frank Rosaly, Lou Mallozzi, and me.

August 23: Frank Rosaly's ¡Todos de Pie! at Millennium Park, Chicago.

August 26: Josh Berman and His Gang at the Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago.

October 25: Guest performance with Cactus Truck, 8 PM, Kings Barcade, Raleigh NC.
October 26: Guesting again with Cactus Truck at Squidco, Wilmington NC.

Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, European tour November 2012:

3 Nov: Tampere (Finland)
4 Nov: Giulianova (Italy)
5 Nov: Berlin
6/7 Nov: Martinschloessl, Vienna
8 Nov: Kaunas (Lithuania)
9/10 Nov: London, Cafe Oto
11 Nov: Strasbourg (France)

New double CD, live in Wuppertal:

tentet Walk Love Sleep

I'm on the first two releases from the new label Driff Records!
Upcoming gigs with Jorrit Dijkstra, in support of the Driff release 1000 Words:

1000 Words

Nov 14: Richmond VA: For Instance Gallery, 8 PM.
Nov 15: Raleigh NC: Neptunes, underneath Kings; 8 PM.
Nov 16: Asheville NC: Apothecary, with Shane Perlowin and a UNC-A student ensemble.
Nov 17: Columbia, SC: Conundrum.

December 7 and 8: Jeb Bishop 50th Birthday Blowout at the Green Mill, Chicago!


December 9: Hungry Brain, Chicago: CD release for Paul Giallorenzo's GitGo: new CD 'Emergent' on Leo.
December 10: Paul Giallorenzo's GitGo at Sugar Maple, Milwaukee.

The Whammies, North American tour, January 18-26, 2013:

January 18, 8:00 PM - Philadelphia PA: Philadelphia Art Alliance 
January 19, 8:30 PM - Baltimore MD: The Windup Space
January 20, 5:00 PM - Brooklyn NY: Roulette
January 23, 8:00 PM - Middlebury VT: Middlebury College
January 24, 8:30 PM - Montréal QC: La Sala Rossa
January 25, 8:00 PM - Portland ME: Dimensions in Jazz
January 26, 8:00 PM - Cambridge MA:  The Lily Pad

The Whammies are: Jorrit Dijkstra (alto sax, lyricon), Jeb Bishop (trombone), Mary Oliver (violin, viola), Pandelis Karayorgis (piano), Nate McBride (bass), Han Bennink (drums)

The Engines: North American tour, April 5-18, 2013:

05 April: Chicago, IL: Green Mill
06 April: Chicago, IL: Green Mill
07 April: Cleveland, OH: Mahall’s 20 Lanes
08 April: Buffalo, NY: Hallwalls
09 April: Rochester, NY: Bop Shop Records
10 April: Montréal, QC: Casa Del Popolo
12 April: Middlebury, VT: 51 Main
13 April: Philadelphia, PA: Ars Nova Workshop
14 April: Charlottesville, VA: UVA – Brooks Hall
15 April: Raleigh, NC: King’s Barcade
16 April: Columbia, SC: Conundrum
17 April: Asheville, NC: Apothecary
18 April: Lexington, KY: Mecca Dance Studios

The Engines are: Dave Rempis, saxophones; Tim Daisy, drums; Nate McBride, basses; Jeb Bishop, trombone

I'll be at the 2013 Chicago Jazz Festival with three different groups:
August 31 at 3:30: Satoko Fujii's Orchestra Chicago.
September 1 at 12:30: The Engines
September 1 at 6:10: Hamid Drake's Bindu: Reggaeology

Upcoming project in New Orleans (click poster to enlarge)!

Long Sidewalks

Duo tour October 2013, Jaap Blonk and Jeb Bishop:

Saturday, 5:
12 Nights Series, Wynwood Art District, Miami, FL, USA
Sunday, 6:
Timucua White House, Orlando, FL, USA
Monday, 7:
MOCA, Jacksonville, FL, USA
Tuesday, 8:
Conundrum, Columbia, SC, USA
Wednesday, 9:
Apothecary, Asheville, NC, USA
Thursday, 10:
Neptunes, Raleigh, NC, USA
Friday, 11:
SquidCo, Wilmington, NC, USA
Saturday, 12:
Red Room, Baltimore, MD, USA

Paul Giallorenzo GitGo>Fall 2014 Tour Dates
Thu 11/20 Thunderbird Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA
Fri 11/21 Guide to Kulchur, Cleveland, OH
Sat 11/22 IBeam, Brooklyn, NY
Sun 11/23, Casa del Popolo, Montreal, QB
Mon 11/24, Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY
Tues 11/25 Trinosophes, Detroit, MI
Wed 11/26 Constellation, Chicago, IL


January 13: with Polyorchard, at Neptune's.

January 20: with the new project Plush Dagger (co-led by Scott Clark) at Balliceaux, Richmond VA.

January 25: playing Monk, Mingus, Ornette, Herbie Nichols, et al., at The Shed.

January 30 and 31: with The Whammies, at the Green Mill, Chicago.

February 1-15: with The Bridge #7, concerts in France, details TBA.

Thanks to DownBeat magazine for recognizing me in the 2015 Critics' Poll!
Read DownBeat's review of one of my last gigs before leaving Chicago.

Good results in the 2014 El Intruso poll for me and for the W.A.S.T.E. CD by Kyle Bruckmann's WRACK. Thanks to the voters!

OKKA Fest 7! Come to Milwaukee! (click poster to enlarge)!

OkkaFest 7

New recording available now on the Breakfast for Dinner label!


Some upcoming performances:

The Whammies play Steve Lacy:
Jorrit Dijkstra, Jeb Bishop, Mary Oliver, Pandelis Karayorgis, Jason Roebke, Han Bennink
Monday April 27: Vortex, London
Tuesday April 28: Masterclass Guildhall School of Music, London
Wednesday April 29: Bimhuis, Amsterdam
Thursday April 30: Onassis Cultural Center, Athens, Greece

Breakway: Jorrit Dijkstra, Pandelis Karayorgis, Jeb Bishop, Jason Roebke:
Friday May 1: Fougaro, Nafplion, Greece.
Saturday May 2: Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Thessaloniki, Greece.

I'll be appearing at OkkaFest 7 in Milwaukee in June 2015; details TBA.

And also at the Driff Records fest in Boston, also in June, also TBA.

Upcoming tour dates with Harris Eisenstadt's Old Growth Forest project, with Tony Malaby, saxophones, and Jason Roebke, bass:
Feb 2, 2017: Seattle: Royal Room + Cornish College workshop
Feb 3: Vancouver: Western Front + Capilano College workshop
Feb 4: Edmonton: Yardbird Suite
Feb 6: Rochester: The Bop Shop
Feb 7: Hamilton: Zula Presents
Feb 8: Toronto: The Rex
Feb 9: Toronto: The Rex
Feb 10: Kingston: Kingston Jazz Society
Feb 11: Ottawa: Ottawa Winter Jazz Festival
Feb 12: Northampton: Pioneer Valley Jazz Shares

lilypad flyer