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Selected discography (listed by label and group):

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Jeb Bishop Trio (and Quartet):
Jeb Bishop Trio OD12029
Afternoons (with Jeff Parker) OD12039

School Days:
Crossing Division OD12037
In Our Times OD12041

Atomic / School Days:
Nuclear Assembly Hall OD12049
Distil OD12073

Jeb Bishop / Joe McPhee:
The Brass City OD12025

Ken Vandermark's Territory Band:
Transatlantic Bridge OD12040
Atlas OD12050
Map Theory OD12060
Company Switch OD12070

Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet (and Octet; also Tentet plus guests):
1 / 2 / 3 [3-CD box set] OD12022
Stone/Water OD12032
Broken English OD12043
Short Visit to Nowhere OD12044
Signs OD12048
Images OD12047
Be Music, Night OD12059

The Engines:
The Engines OD12057
Wire and Brass OD12079

Wobbly Rail

Duos with Josh Abrams, Mats Gustafsson, Ken Vandermark, Wadada Leo Smith, Hamid Drake, Fred Lonberg-Holm:
98 Duets WOB004

With Sebi Tramontana:
Chicago Defenders WOB011


With Vandermark 5:
Single Piece Flow ALP47
Target or Flag ALP106
Simpatico ALP107
Burn the Incline ALP121
Acoustic Machine ALP128
Airports for Light ALP140
Elements of Style / Exercises in Surprise ALP150
The Color of Memory ALP166
Free Jazz Classics, vols. 1&2 ALP137
Free Jazz Classics, vols. 3&4 ALP170
Alchemia (12-CD live box set on the Polish label Not Two; available via Atavistic) ALP2018

Joe Harriott Project:
Straight Lines ALP115

John Corbett and Heavy Friends:
I'm Sick About My Hat ALP116


Globe Unity Orchestra:
Globe Unity - 40 Years [Intakt CD 133]


Daniele D'Agaro Quartet:
Chicago Overtones [Hatology 613]


Paul Rutherford (with Lol Coxhill)
Chicago 2002 [Emanem 4082]


Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls: Breeding Resistance Delmark DG551

Lakefront Digital

Lucky 7s

Other releases by artist:

In Zenith:
Building A Better Future (Miguel 6)

Terminal 4:
Terminal 4 [Truckstop]
When I'm Falling [Truckstop]

Fred Lonberg-Holm:
Two Lightboxes

School Days with Mats Gustafsson:
The Music of Norman Howard [Anagram LP1]

John Butcher:
Music on Seven Occasions [Meniscus]

Kyle Bruckmann:
And [Musica Genera 001]
Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack [Red Toucan 9323]

Jorrit Dijkstra's Flatlands Ensemble:
Gnomade [Skycap CAP035]

Sideman or horn section appearances on rock/pop recordings:

Dots and Loops

Come Pick Me Up

De Mel, De Melao

Will Oldham:
All Most Heaven

Jim O'Rourke:
Bad Timing

Gastr del Sol:
The Harp Factory on Lake Street